Competent Person Training for Confined Spaces in Construction - Online Course

Competent Person Training - Confined Spaces in Construction

OSHA standards for confined spaces in construction (1926 Subpart AA) require a competent person evaluate all spaces at the construction site to determine which ones, if any, meet the criteria of a permit required confined space.

Our online course for Competent person on confined spaces at construction sites helps you meet the OSHA requirements for training on this topic. Learn how to identify confined spaces, and then how to determine which are permit-required (and which are classified as non-permit spaces). Then learn the steps needed to act as an entry supervisor to oversee entry operations. We also offer online courses for confined space entrants and attendants.

Online Training Course Features include:

- Training on Demand - complete the entire course at once, or log in and out at your own pace
- Course Study Guide - PDF file you can print for use with your course (use optional)
- Personalized Training Certificate - print as soon as you complete the course, or log in and print / reprint copies as needed

OSHA Competent Person Training Confined Spaces
Competent Person Training for Confined Spaces at Construction Sites