Electrical Safety Training for the Competent Person

qualified person electrical safety training

Electrical Safety Training for the Competent Person

Electrical hazards are a leader cause of injury and death in the workplace. The competent person needs adequate training about electrical hazards to be able to identify electrical hazards and take measures to protect exposed workers. The RMOL 24 hour electrical standards course is ideal for training the competent person about electrical safety requirements.

This online course provides a comprehensive introduction to the principles and practical applications of electricity. The course explores fundamental concepts such as voltage, current, and resistance, exploring their interrelationships through essential mathematical equations that are foundational to the study of electricity.

Throughout the program, the student is able to acquire a solid understanding of various topics, including Ohm’s Law and the Power equation. By understanding these equations and their implications, you will gain insights into the theoretical underpinnings and real-world applications of electricity.

The course covers crucial aspects related to electrical standards, ensuring compliance with OSHA regulations. It addresses both single- and three-phase systems, the concepts of cord- and plug-connected equipment, fixed equipment, grounding, ground fault circuit interrupters, and safety-related work practices. Moreover, the Competent Person will become proficient in recognizing electrical hazards and OSHA’s policies and procedures in this domain.

To progress in the course, it is necessary to attain a minimum score of 70% in all quizzes (three attempts per each quiz / exam are allowed). Additionally, a final exam will be conducted, requiring a minimum score of 70% to qualify for the certificate of completion.

Upon successful completion of the OSHA Electrical Standards course, the student will have the ability to download and/or print a certificate of completion. This certificate validates the student’s achievement and signifies a basic understanding of the course material.

This advanced-level 24-hour online course costs just $595.