Construction Training for the Competent Person

OSHA 30 hour construction training for competent person

Construction Training for the Competent Person

The requirement for a competent person for construction sites can be found in the General Safety and Health Provisions located in Subpart C of the 1926 construction standards. In paragraph b of that subpart, titled accident prevention responsibilities, OSHA states it is the responsibility of the employer to provide for frequent and regular inspections of the job sites, materials, and equipment to be made by competent persons designated by the employer.

This OSHA requirement necessitates training for the competent person at a construction site to enable him or her to identify a broad range of safety and health hazards present at many construction sites. The OSHA 30-hour construction training course is ideal to provide such knowledge to the competent person.

The OSHA 30 course for construction provides training and knowledge on safety and health hazards associated with work activities such as as concrete and masonry construction, cranes, derricks and hoists, demolition operations, electrical, excavations, falls from heights, fire hazards; hand and power tools, material handling and storage, motor vehicles, mechanized equipment, scaffolds, stairways and ladders, toxic and hazardous substances, and welding.

With this knowledge, the competent person is much better equipped to identify safety and health hazards that could affect their workers, so they can take measures to remove workers from danger until the hazards are eliminated, or if that is not possible, to provide the exposed workers with PPE or other safety equipment and/or training needed for their protection.

An additional benefit of taking the OSHA 30-hour construction training course is that it qualifies the competent person to work on those construction sites where state or local laws, or construction sites rules, require supervisors have their OSHA 30 construction card to be present on the site.

On Site OSHA 30 Hour Construction Training

A authorized OSHA trainer will conduct an OSHA 30 hour construction training class at your site for a group of eight (8) or more students. The trainer can incorporate specific information from your organization’s safety policies and procedures into your class upon request. The course is conducted at your site over four consecutive days.

Each student successfully completing the OSHA 30 class will receive an official U.S. Department of Labor / OSHA wallet cart. Plus, each student receives a personalized certificate of completion to certify completion of training for the 30-hour construction class.

Online OSHA 30 Hour Construction Course

A student can register for the OSHA authorized 30 hour construction training course, and start training immediately, or log in later to begin. The student logs into the course when their schedule allows them to train, and logs out at any time. Students could finish theior online 30 hour course in as little as four full days. However, OSHA policy allotted up to a maximum of 180 days to complete the training.

A student successfully completing their OSHA 30 hour online course will receive an official U.S. Department of Labor / OSHA wallet card in the mail in approximately two weeks. The student can also instantly print their personalized temporary certificate of completion to certify completion of the 30-hour construction course.

The tuition for the online 30 course is just $189. Discounts are automatically applied for bulk purchases of six or more courses.