Scaffolding Competent Person Training Certification

scaffold training for the competent person

Scaffolding Competent Person Training Certification

The competent person for scaffolding in both construction and general industry environments is responsible for ensuring that all scaffolding systems are installed and maintained properly to prevent workers from injury. Therefore, it is critical that employers ensure adequate fall protection training for the competent person at construction sites.

According to 1926 Subpart L of the OSHA construction standards for scaffolding, which also applies to general industry operations regulated under 1910 subpart D, the various duties the competent person for scaffolding must be trained in the following:

  • How to Oversee Installation of Scaffolding Systems: The competent person for scaffolding must ensure scaffolding systems comply with OSHA regulations. This includes ensuring that the systems are suitable for the work being performed, and make sure it is properly installed, maintained, and disassembled in a manner that provides adequate protection for their workers.
  • How and When to Conduct Scaffolding Inspections: The competent person should conduct regular inspections of all scaffolding systems and related equipment to ensure it is properly used and remains in good condition. The competent person should also immediately address any deficiencies or defects identified in scaffolding systems.
  • How to Identify Safe (and Unsafe) Work Practices by Scaffold Users: A scaffolding system that is built safely will not protect workers if they are using it wrong. Unsafe work practices by workers must be identified and stopped by the competent person, and corrective measures taken to ensure the workers are adequately trained in the proper use of scaffolding equipment.
Competent Person Certification of Scaffolding Training.

All training for the designated competent person for scaffolding at construction sites must be certified by the employer, per various OSHA regulations. And the scaffolding training certification records must be available for inspection by an OSHA compliance officer during compliance inspections.

On Site Scaffold Training for the Competent Person

A professional OSHA trainer will conduct a one-day on-site scaffolding competent person training class at your site for a group of eight (8) or more students. The trainer can incorporate specific information from your organization’s scaffold policies and procedures into your class upon request.

Training for each student in our on-site scaffold safety for the competent person training classes is certified on a course sign-in sheet meeting OSHA certification requirements. Plus, each student receives a personalized certificate of completion to certify completion of training for the competent person for the scaffold class.

Online Scaffolding Competent Person Training Course

We do not currently offer an online scaffold class for the competent person.