Competent Person Training for Excavations

Competent Person Training for Excavations - Pittsburgh PA / Western Pennsylvania Region

Does your company perform excavation work in the greater Pittsburgh PA area? Then you are required by the OSHA Excavation standards to have what they call a "Competent Person" oversee worker safety at the excavation site. And that necessitates training.

Have an OSHA authorized trainer come to your site anywhere in or near the greater Pittsburgh PA / Western Pennsylvania region and conduct a Competent Person for Trenching and Excavation Training Course for your group. The class is based on the requirements of Subpart P of the Federal OSHA CFR 1926 construction standards for excavations.


The following topics are covered in this Excavation Competent Person training course:


  • Definitions of Key Terms Used in the OSHA Excavation Standards
  • OSHA Requirements for a Competent Person
  • General Hazards Associated with Trenching and Excavation Work
  • Requirements for Locating and Working Near Underground Utilities (includes the Call 811 system and the PA state underground utilities protection code)
  • Dangers Associated with Water Accumulation
  • Access and Egress from Trenches and Excavations
  • Exposure to Vehicular Traffic
  • Identifying and Addressing Potential Atmospheric Hazards Associated with Excavation Work
  • Soil Testing and Classification
  • Requirements for Protective Systems
    • Sloping and Benching
    • Shoring
    • Trench Boxes
    • Other Protective Systems
  • Competent Person Inspection Requirements
  • OSHA Directives and Interpretations Related to Trenching and Excavation
  • OSHA Inspections at Excavation Sites
  • . . . and more


The competent person for trenching / excavations class takes one day to complete, and can be conducted anywhere in the greater Pittsburgh PA / Western PA area on a weekday or a Saturday, whichever works best for you. The excavation competent person class consists of PowerPoint, video, workshops, and testing to keep the trainees engaged. Attendees will also receive a manual, note packet, and a certificate of completion for the trenching and excavation competent person training course. And the employer receives a training certification form containing all information and signatures required to document the completion of your excavation competent person training class.


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Competent person training for excavation and trenching is conducted in Pittsburgh PA and throughout Western Pennsylvania, including Oil City PA, Johnstown PA, Elizabeth PA, Cranberry PA, Franklin PA, West Mifflin PA, Greenville PA, Sharon PA, Butler PA, Coraopolis PA, Washington PA, New Castle PA, and all other areas within 165 miles. In-demand class for the oil and gas pipeline and distribution fields.