OSHA Excavation Standards - Construction

OSHA Excavation Standards

The Competent Person on an excavation site must be familiar with applicable OSHA regulations and, when working around underground installations, applicable State utility codes.


Federal OSHA Excavation Standards are found in Subpart P of the OSHA CFR 1926 for Construction. The standards consist of three main sections and several appendices. Click the links below to be directed to the Federal OSHA Excavation Standards:



Several States have their own OSHA programs in place, and their excavation standards may vary somewhat from the federal standards. Click to be directed to a page on the OSHA website with links to the state OSHA program websites and refer to their excavation standards.


Each state also has a unique regulation (in some cases, more than one) for locating and working around underground utilities. Some are much stricter than others. Click to be directed to a website with links to information about state utility codes.


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OSHA Excavation Standards